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Bend and BGT Rewards

What Is BGT?

Berachain Governance Token $BGT is the native governance token that is typically rewarded to direct delegators and specific liquidity providers (LPs), through pools, when a validator proposes a new block, is awarded some $BGT, and distributes that $BGT to specific delegators and liquidity pools.

$BGT is non-transferable, can only be awarded through validators, can be staked with validators, used in governance proposals, and can be burned for $BERA - the native Berachain gas token.

BGT Through Bend

Through borrowing one receives debt tokens, and holding debt tokens one accrues BGT.

Debt positions open entitles individuals to earn a portion of BEND's BGT emissions.

NOTE: Currently, the only way to accrue BGT through Bend is by holding open debt positions.

BGT Station

bgt_station BGT station is an all in one place for BGT. There's multiple use-cases BGT offers.

  1. Reivew information about existing validator
  2. Delegation BGT to existing vaildator
  3. Vote on governance proposals
  4. Redeem $BGT for $BERA

To know more head over to or check out the existing guides on Delegating or Re-Delegating.